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Please suggest sites of local sections, clubs and other groups which represent individual amateur radio members, and which do not fit under the listed national/regional affiliates.


Local community groups, clubs, and similar organizations which promote the interests of, or answer the needs of amateur radio, the local amateur radio community, and the local general community. These organizations usually represent individual members and very rarely host smaller affiliated groups; often these sections are affiliates of larger, regional organizations. Suggestions for sites to be listed are encouraged via the "add URL" label at page top.

Groups specializing in Amateur Radio Emergency Service as their predominate interest may prefer to suggest sites to the categories at Emergency_Communications

Groups specializing specifically in storm spotting and tracking in the United States should suggest sites to SKYWARN

Thank you for your suggestions!

National level societies for amateur radio. Sites must be in the English language or have a section in English.

Clubs should suggest their sites to Clubs

Suggestions for sites to be listed are encouraged via the "add URL" label at page top.

Submissions to this category are limited to websites devoted to the various regional and local traffic networks. Unless a site is primarily devoted to the topic of traffic origination, handling and delivery, DO NOT submit personal or club sites. Please visit those categories to recommend them.

All sites must be available in English.

Sites under construction will not be reviewed or retained.

The Open Directory project does not serve the role of placeholder. If your site is unfinished or, worse, is simply reserved, it will be deleted and not considered for publication.

The National traffic System (NTS) has served as a backbone network for the relay and, ultimately, delivery of text-based messages across the United States and beyond by amateur radio. Organized by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) in 1914, the NTS is purposed with the efficient and accurate delivery of message traffic following the Radiogram format. Collected within this category is a listing of websites devoted to the networks. Whether VHF (local) or HF (state-wide and regional), these affiliations of traffic handlers are responsible for ensuring the timely and reliable relay and delivery of hundreds to thousands of messages each day.
Repeater systems organizations.
Site should be submitted to the group whose activities best reflects the site's content. If it is for an area for which a sub-category does not yet exist or which covers 2 or more existing sub-cats, it may be listed in the overall group category.
Groups and organisations whose membership and activities revolve primarily around a particular area of interest within amateur radio.
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