These categories are for amateur radio enthusiasts' web pages about their hobby of collecting and operating all kinds of older ham radio equipment using tubes, and/or building their own equipment.
Online stores and other sites which focus on sales and include products, prices, and a way to order should be submitted to Radio: Kits and Components in Shopping.

or to Shopping/Consumer_Electronics/Communications/Wireless/Radios/Amateur_Radios

Manufacturers' sites should be submitted to Crystals in Business or to Business/Telecommunications/Equipment/Amateur_and_CB_Radio Non amateur vintage radio sites - broadcast radio - should be sent to Recreation/Antiques/Radio

This category is for sites about boatanchors that operate on the AM ham bands.
Send any sites that deal with broadcast radio (not amateur radio) to Recreation/Antiques/Radio if they are vintage radios. Send any sites that are about today's radio stations to the best category at Arts/Radio
Informational sites about crystals.
Online stores should be submitted to Radio: Kits and Components in Shopping.

Manufacturers'' sites should be submitted to Crystals in Business.

Web sites about EICO radios and test equipment.
Please ONLY submit sites that relate specifically to EICO radios and/or test equipment.
Websites related to this manufacturer of radios in the earlier days of radio.
Web Pages that have information specifically about Harvey-Wells radio equipment.
Please submit additions. They will typically appear in no more than 7-10 days.
Online stores should be submitted to Radio: Kits and Components in Shopping.
This category is for websites that deal with the history of vintage amateur radio equipment.
A site that is about vintage broadcast radios should be sent to Recreation/Antiques/Radio/
Web sites that feature information about Lafayette brand radios.
Please submit sites only if they have specific information, pictures etc. regarding radios made or sold by Lafayette Radio Co.
This category is for email lists that are directly about boatanchors - old amateur radios.
This category is for listing of museums of amateur radio boatanchors, both physical locations and virtual online museums. Sites should offer photos and details about radios.
Any site that is primarily about broadcast radio should be suggested to Recreation/Antiques/Radio/
This category is for organizations that deal with amateur radio boatanchors. Any organization that is amateur radio related but is not directly associated with boatanchors should be suggested to Recreation/Radio/Amateur/Organizations
Contains sites with significant information about personal radio collections or personal webpages primarily focused on boatanchors, but being too broad to fit into a more specific category.
Sites specializing in one type of boatanchor equipment should be submitted to a more specific category of Boatanchors. Personal pages not primarily related to boatanchor equipment should be submitted to Personal Pages.
This category is for amateur radio websites that cover ham receivers that do not fit in the categories at the top of Boatanchors or sites that are about many different brands.
Sites about shortwave receivers should go to Shortwave_and_DX_Listening/Equipment
Information about tubes for old amateur radios.
Online stores should be submitted to Radio: Kits and Components in Shopping.
Web sites that feature older solid state radios such as Drake, Yaesu, Kenwood, TenTec etc.
Please submit ONLY sites that feature solid state amateur radio equipment that is at least 25 years old.