This category is for sites in English or with substantial English content. The Pigs category contains websites with information about pigs that live with us as companion animals. While these pigs may be of the same breeds generally used for food, they will more usually be the Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs, as well as other smaller varieties of the animal.
This category is for sites in English or with substantial English content. Sites in other languages should be submitted to the appropriate language category in World/. Sites with versions in two or more languages may be listed in the categories for each language.

Sites should be primarily concerned with pigs as pets.

For sites pertaining to pigs used for food, see Science/Biology/Genetics/Eukaryotic/Animal/Mammal/Swine or Business/Agriculture_and_Forestry/Livestock/Swine

Sites offering online consumer sales of pig-related merchandise should be submitted to the appropriate category under Shopping/Pets

Commercial sites will only be listed if they include substantial non-commercial content.

For Rescues and Sanctuary sites, see Recreation/Pets/Pigs/Rescues_and_Shelters

For Organizations other than rescues and sanctuaries, see Recreation/Pets/Pigs/Organizations

For sites about an individual''s pet pig(s), see Recreation/Pets/Pigs/Personal_Pages

For sites offering pigs for sale, see Recreation/Pets/Pigs/Breeders

Breeders'' sites should consist of more than just contact information.

Breeders of pet pigs. Most commonly these will be Vietnamese potbellied pigs, but may also include other breeds, such as New Zealand's Kunekunes or the European Wild Boars. In general these pigs are significantly smaller than pigs produced for food.
This category is for breeders offering pigs specifically as companion animals. Breeders of pigs to be produced for food should be sent to Business/Agriculture_and_Forestry/Livestock/Swine/Breeders.
Websites about issues affecting pet pig owners and pet ownership.
Organizations that serve the pet pig community, including people who care for a pig at home, those who are considering taking on a pig, veterinarians, breeders, as well as those who work or volunteer in rescue and/or placement.
This category is for sites dedicated to Organizations to do with pet pigs.

If the organization in question is a sanctuary or rescue, please see Recreation/Pets/Pigs/Rescues_and_Shelters.

For sites about individual pet pigs.
This category is for pages that primarily present pictures of someone''s pet pig(s), stories and other personal items.
This is a category for organizations that provide services for abandoned, abused, neglected, or otherwise unwanted pigs. These organizations may be rescues, shelters, sanctuaries, or placement services.
If an organization is dedicated instead to educating the public about the pet pig or other issues not included above, see Recreation/Pets/Pigs/Organizations.

If a site showcases a few particular rescued pigs taken in as the site owner''s pets, see Recreation/Pets/Pigs/Personal_Pages.