All-breed multipurpose dog clubs.
If the club is an all-breed activity club, it should be submitted to the appropriate activity category under Activity Clubs.

If the club is for a specific breed, it should be submitted to the breed category. The breed categories are listed here.

Regional kennel clubs are organizations that sponsor dog-show related activities for all breeds in their region of the world. National dog clubs (the AKC, CKC, etc.) do not belong in this category but any club which is not the official national club and which is an all-breed club should be listed here.

Only submit all-breed kennel clubs to this category. Clubs which focus specifically on Terriers, Hounds, etc., should be put in their respective categories.

Please use only the name of your club in the title. (i.e. "Dogcity Kennel Club" or "DogzRule Dogfanciers Association" and NOT "Welcome to the DogCity Kennel Club web page.")

Be sure to include these things in your site''s description:

~ Any National Kennel Clubs with which you might be associated (AKC, CKC, etc.)

~ The location of your club if it does not appear in the title (for city and state.)

~ Include a list of activities the club sponsors, such as agility, conformation or obedience.

~ Be sure to mention what visitors will find on your website. Pictures of past winners? A calendar? Contact information or a map? Be concise, and don''t include actual dates (i.e. "our 2001 dog show") which could become outdated. (use "contact info., calendar, map, show premium" rather than "On our website about dogs in this area you will find information on how to contact us, a brilliant calendar, and pictures of the 1999 breed winners and also our Best in Show dog, Ch. Tracy Dacy Dicksy Doodle, MAch, JC")

Finally, you should * also * submit your site to the regional category which best fits your site. For instance, the Acadiana Kennel Club is also listed in the Lafayette, Louisiana category. You should be approved, since both categories are appropriate for this sort of site.