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Recreational categories are intended for the hobbyist with a focus on the breed and showing the animals; on limited occasions litters or puppies may become available and offered to the public. Websites whose primary focus is to sell puppies or dogs will be considered a business. Currently all businesses selling puppies or dogs as companions, pets, or show animals should be listed in Regional under the businesses physical location.
Breeders of breeds of dogs in the Primitive Group.
Breed specific clubs for dogs in the Primitive Group.
The dingo, Canis dingo, is a wild dog native to Australia, particularly the deserts and scrublands. They are thought to be descended from domesticated dogs brought to Australia by Aboriginal peoples thousands of years ago. A typical dingo is yellowish-tan, with large ears and a bushy tail with a white tip.
Breed specific rescue organizations for dogs in the Primitive Group.
This category is for the listing of site pertaining to Wolfdogs. Wolfdogs are also erroneously referred to as wolf-dog hybrids, and wolf hybrids. Wolfdog, however, is the correct way of referring to crosses of wolves and domesticated dogs, as wolves and dogs are genetically identical, and therefore not hybrids (hybrid meaning genetic crossbred). Please take note, that if your site is for a purebred wolfdog mixing that is now recognized as a new breed, it should be submitted to another category that is appropriate for that breed (for example, if it's a herding breed, it should be submitted to herding, etc.). This category is also not for the listing of wolf only sites, as such sites are more appropriately listed under Recreation/Outdoors/Wildlife/Wolves/ and any submissions of wolf sites will be sent there.
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