The Rottwieler was developed in the German town of Rottweil by crossing native dogs with the herding dogs that accompanied the Roman legions. It was known as a butcher's dog, used for herding and guarding the cattle and guarding master and property. In 1910, the Rottwieler was officially recognized as a police dog in Germany. Today the Rottweiler is a guardian, companion, and working dog.

This powerful, muscular breed has a short, black, thick coat with tan or mahogany markings. The Rottweiler grows to a height of 23-27" and weighs 90-110 pounds. The breed is protective, dominant, steady, and obedient.

Official recognition: FCI Group 2, AKC Group 3 - Working Dogs, CKC Group 3 - Working Dogs, KC Non-Sporting - Working Group, ANKC Group 6 - Utility.

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