Often referred to as the "Aussie", the Australian Shepherd is a delightfully intelligent dog of strong herding and guarding instincts, and makes the perfect family dog. They are an extremely loyal companion and have the stamina and drive to work or play all day, but can be equally as happy to hang out and do nothing with their owners. Well balanced, slightly longer than tall, and of medium size and bone, this breed offers several coat coloring including black/tan/white, blue merle, and red/white. Blue eyes in the merle are not uncommon, and in fact lend a distinct individuality to the Aussie's sweet, happy face. Without doubt this breed is always attentive and animated, lithe and agile, solid and muscular without cloddiness.
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The Miniature Australian Shepherd is very similar to its standard counterpart, only smaller. Also known as the North American Shepherd, it, like the standard size, was developed mainly in the USA. The North American Shepherd can be shown at international shows, as well as in the American Rare Breed Association shows.
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