Sites about dog activities and sports.
Online stores specializing in activity and sports equipment should be submitted to Shopping: Pets: Dogs: Activities.
Agility is basically an obstacle course for dogs. The object is to get your dog to go through a series of obstacles quickly and correctly. These obstacles include the A-frame, dog walk, teeter-tooter, tunnels, suspended tires and, of course, jumps. Each agility course is set up in a different configuration. Agility was invented in 1979 at Cruft's Dog Show in England as entertainment for spectators. Since then, it has grown into a very popular dog sport.
Online stores specializing in agility equipment should be submitted to Shopping: Pets: Dogs: Activities: Agility.
Discussion forums and mailing lists which focus on dog activities.
This category lists club sites that focus on multiple activities.
Clubs that focus on a specific activity should be submitted to that activity''s category under Dogs: Activities.

Activity club sites that are breed-specific and do not offer considerable general information on the activities should be submitted to the appropriate breed category under Dogs: Breeds.

Activity club sites that are only of local interest, such as offering only contact information and meeting times, should be submitted to the appropriate locality in Regional.

Earthdog events are go-to-ground trials for certain small Terriers and Dachshunds.
Please submit only those sites which deal specifically with Earthdog and go-to-ground trials. Earthdog club sites will be accepted here. Sites about individual breeds should be submitted to that breed''s specific category.
Informational sites about herding, including discussion forums, training advice, clubs, and trials.
Sites of stockdog breeders will not be listed here. Please select the appropriate breed category from the list at Recreation: Pets: Dogs: Breeds: Breeders and Kennels.

Online stores offering supplies for herding should be submitted to Shopping: Pets: Cats and Dogs: Dogs: Activities: Herding.

Lure coursing is an international sport in which sighthounds compete against each other and gain points towards different championship titles. The fastest dog is not necessarily the winner as the dogs are judged on five factors: speed, agility, enthusiasm, endurance and follow. The sighthounds chase a lure which is usually a grouping of three white (or multi-colored) plastic bags attached to a line. The line is then pulled along a system of pulleys. A lure course contains many twists and turns which greyhounds will run at full speed. The length of a typical lure course is 650 to 800 yards which is much longer than a greyhound course.
Sites that focus on sales of lure coursing and racing supplies and equipment should be submitted to Shopping: Pets: Cats and Dogs: Dogs: Activities: Lure Coursing and Racing.
Obedience training ranges from teaching a dog to walk on a lead without pulling, through to advanced skills such as scent discrimination and directed jumping.
This category is for non-profit sites about dog obedience. If the site is more about general dog training, it may be better in Training.

Sites selling training products will only be listed in Shopping.

Sites about professional trainers should be submitted to the appropriate location in Regional.

Skijoring is a winter sport in which a person wearing skis is drawn over snow by an animal or a mechanical device such as a snowmobile.
Please limit submissions to sites about Skijoring with dogs. If the site is about Skijoring with other animals or other means of propulsion, please submit it to the related categories.
The Trail Dog category (and sub-categories) focuses on hiking and/or backpacking with dogs. Web sites ranging from individual homepages, canine hiking clubs, discussion groups, health issues, equipment suppliers, educational resources, etc. are all welcome here.
Weight pulling is a sport in which dogs compete to pull a weighted wheeled cart across the ground, or weighted sled across the snow, for a short distance.
Sites that focus on the sales of weight pulling supplies and equipment should be submitted to Shopping: Pets: Cats and Dogs: Dogs: Activities: Weight Pulling