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Birman Cat and Kitten sites - breeders and owners of the 'Sacred Cats of Burma'.
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Listings for websites with information about the sable, champagne, blue, and platinum colors of Burmese with American type.
Please regard the style and colours of the Burmese that your cattery works with when submitting to this category. It may be more appropriate to submit it to European Burmese if the type is more moderate and colors are in addition to the traditional colors of sable, blue, champagne and platinum. Burmese catteries in the UK, Europe, and Australia would also be more accurately listed in the European Burmese category.
Although the Burmese and the European Burmese share the same ancestry, they do differ in type and coloration. The Burmese here refers to a breed with an extreme body type and coming in 4 traditional colors. The European Burmese refers to a breed with a more moderate body type and a wider variation of colors (including the reds, creams, and various torties). As the Burmese in Europe (and then Australia and New Zealand) took the latter path in development, what those breeders call "Burmese" breeders in the United States refer to as "European Burmese."
About the European Shorthair, the old type of cat which now have their own standard.
This category lists sites about clubs and organizations focused on the Korat breed of cat.
The Maine Coon is a longhaired cat, recognized as a specific breed since its inception in native America. Maine Coons are often chosen as companion pets because of their friendly, outgoing nature.
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Browse here for various organizations about the Norwegian Forest Cat. Visit "catteries" to find breeders of the NFC.
For Norwegian Forest Cat breeders located in Europe.

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The Oriental Cat - a Siamese in designer Genes! The Oriental breed is derived from the Siamese, and has similar build and temperament, but comes in a much wider range of colors (the largest colour group of any pedigree breed), as well as both long and short hair. The Oriental is long, lean and muscular, with large triangular ears and a triangular shaped face. They have green eyes and a Siamese voice - and they like to use it!
Please only submit sites which are about organizations and clubs focused on the Oriental breed of cat.
Peterbalds are absolutely unique hairless cats as they differ from the Canadian Sphynx because of their dominant gene for hairlessness. Peterbalds started in 1993 as a result of outcrossing Don Sphynx, another Russian hairless breed, with Oriental cats. Peterbalds have been accepted with TICA as NBC since 1997.
This category lists sites which feature Pixie-Bob organizations or clubs. Sites which feature breeders selling kittens should go into the catteries category.
This category is for Ragdoll discussion groups and forums only. Sites with a wider interest should be submitted to the Cats/Chats and Forums category.
This category is for sites which feature clubs or organization dealing with the Savannah breed of cats.
Different registries recognize different color patterns as "Siamese" and this sometimes confusing for the layperson. All registries recognize chocolate, seal, blue, and lilac points as Siamese. Some registries (such as GCCF, TICA, and ACFA) recognize other point colors (such as red, lynx, or tortie) in the Siamese class. Other registries (such as CFA and TCA) recognize these colors in the Colorpoint Shorthair class. Related to the Siamese are the Orientals. They have the same body structure, but their color is all over the body, not just restricted to the points. There are longhair varieties of all of these cats. The Balinese is the longhaired variant of the Siamese; the Javanese that of the Colorpoint Shorthair, and the Oriental has a Longhair division. As these breeds are somewhat interrelated, the reader may want to also check the "related " category links. There may be additional relevant information there, and often these breeders may also work with Siamese.
Please submit only sites which contain information or links to information concerning Snowshoe cats.