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Please submit only sites for breeders specializing in cockatiels in this category. Use your company, aviary, or business name as the title of the site.

Breeders specializing in several different species should be submitted to

Breeders specializing in cockatiels are listed in this category. When submitting your site, please use your aviary, company, or business name as the title of the site.
Cockatiel specific clubs, societies and organizations.
Please keep the following in mind:

1. All sites to be considered for this category must be in English.

2. This category is for personal sites only. If you wish to suggest a site that relates to cockatiels in general, please submit to: Recreation/Pets/Birds/Species/Parrots/Cockatiels

This category contains personal sites that relate to cockatiels. These sites generally consist of pictures and stories about a particular owner's cockatiel.
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