Sites with information about birds belonging to Class: Aves, Order: Psittaciformes, Family: ? Species: Nymphicus hollandicus. The Cockatiel is a Small Member of the parrot family.Its one of the most commonly birds kept as pets, and its easily to know why. Cockatiels fit well into the lifestyles of most people, and are very hardy pets.The cockatiel resembles a miniature Cockatoo, but yet also resembles a Parakeet with the long tail.
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Please submit only sites for breeders specializing in cockatiels in this category. Use your company, aviary, or business name as the title of the site.

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Cockatiel specific clubs, societies and organizations.
This category contains personal sites that relate to cockatiels. These sites generally consist of pictures and stories about a particular owner's cockatiel.
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