Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) - Animals, usually dogs, and their owners are trained to provide psychological comfort to people in hospitals and nursing homes. Often this is by scheduled visits. Animal Assisted Activity (AAA) - Patients receive physical therapy by interacting with animals. This category does not include Service Animals for the handicapped.
Submit Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) sites about programs that provide support for patients and shut-ins through visits by selected and trained animals and their handlers. Also submit Animal Assisted Activity (AAA) sites about physical therapy through interaction with specially trained animals. This category does not include Service Animals (such as Guide Dogs) or Theraputic Riding for the Handicapped.
Volunteers with their pets, usually dogs, give comfort to victims and rescue workers following a disaster. Most are trained for Animal Assisted Therapy
Pages about animals used to provide comfort following a disaster. Deep-link may be acceptable for a page specific to this subject.
Animals help teach reading. The student is encouraged to read out loud to a dog or other animal trained to "listen." The dog looks at the reader or at the book and doesn't interrupt if the reader stumbles over a difficult word. Most of these programs are run by groups that also do Animal Assisted Therapy.
Submit sites about programs in which animals are used as an aid to teaching reading. A deep link to a significant page about Animal Assisted Literacy within a listed Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) or Animal Assisted Activity (AAA) site may be acceptable.