Please, only submit sites that are exclusively about hunting.

If your site is an directory of several activities, for example fishing as well as hunting, please submit your site to Recreation/Outdoors/Directories. Such sites will NOT be listed here.

Bowhunting: This means hunting with a bow and arrow as opposed to bow hunting which could mean hunting for a bow. This category is for locations that relate to the sport of hunting with the bow and arrow. i.e. Archery/Bowhunting gear manufacturers, guides/outfitters, bowhunting/archery events, web sites related to bowhunting, collectors, etc.
Please only submit bowhunting related chat and forum web pages.
This category lists clubs, organizations, associations that relate to all aspects of the hunting sports.
Coursing (and lurcher work) is hunting using sighthounds for quarry such as coyote or hare.
This category is for sites that contain alphabetical or classified lists of resources about any/all aspects of hunting.
Please, only submit sites that are exclusively about hunting.

If your site is an directory of several activities, for example fishing as well as hunting, please submit your site to Recreation/Outdoors/Directories. Such sites will NOT be listed here.

Sites listed here will focus on the ethical aspects of hunting, and/or educating hunters about safety and ethics.

Sites about more general aspects of hunting belong in a more general category.

Falconry is the sport of hunting wild quarry with trained Falcons, Hawks and Eagles. This ancient sport is alive and well and can be found being practiced in most countries. In the United States the sport is highly regulated at both the State and Federal level. Other countries also maintain a permit systems to legally hunt with and house a Raptor. As with any hunting sport, always check with your local government on the legalities pertaining to the sport.

For quicker placement in the directory please follow these Submission Tips:

Title: Name of Business or Organization

Description: This describes the website and should note distinguishing features found on the site without the use of hype, personal pronouns, or repetitive terms.

Ferreting usually means hunting rabbits using a ferret to bolt them from underground to a net or a falcon (sometimes a gun). Ferrets can also be used for ratting.
This category is about hunting with ferrets. If you have a site about ferrets as pets, please submit to Recreation/Pets/Ferrets. Thanks! :-)
This category includes all forms of the ancient art of Venery. Venery is hunting with a pack of scenthounds, as opposed to sighthounds which hunt (or "course") their quarry by sight. The group of Scenthounds includes foxhounds, harriers, bassets, beagles and bloodhounds. The quarry includes fox, coyote, deer, mink, hare, cottontail, "clean boot" and drag. Human beings have been practising hunting with hounds and falconry for thousands of years - they are the most ancient of sports. Some of the traditions, such as the hunting horn, existed from the beginning. Although the traditions are held in common, some terms are not and can cause confusion when looking at sites in various countries. In the United Kingdom, hunting with hounds is simply called 'Hunting' as differentiated from 'Shooting' and 'Stalking' - which are all included under 'Hunting' in the United States.
This is where sites about hunting are listed. Advice, tips, techniques and stories are all welcome.
Please, only submit informational sites to this category.

If you are a commercial guide or outfitter, submit your site to Guides and Outfitters. Your site will NOT be listed under Game.

If you are selling a product related to hunting, please submit your site to Shopping_Sports_Hunting.

This category is for sites entirely, or primarily about hunting guides, and/or outfitters.
For sites to be listed in this category, the majority of its content must be about hunting guides and/or outfitters.

Outfitters and/or guides not specializing in hunting, and who offer services to a number of different outdoor activities should submit their sites to Recreation/Outdoors/Guides and Outfitters. Such sites will not be listed in Hunting.

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This category is intended for web sites which contain stand alone e-zines or web versions of printed magazines which republish and contain subject matter specific to the hunting industry.
Please include only submissions for sites which contain actual stand alone e-zines or web versions of printed magazines. Web pages which re-direct or attempt primarily to sell products, ads or magazines will not be considered. PLEASE!!! Do NOT Submit sites with content that does not SPECIFICALLY refer to the hunting industry!!!
Taxidermy produces a life-like three-dimensional representation of an animal for permanent display. The actual skin of the animal may or may not be used.

Many taxidermy procedures involve removing the natural skin from the animal and putting it over an artificial body.

Please submit web sites about taxidermists and taxidermy here.