This category is for guide, and outfitter services where the itinerary is set by the client, and which are devoted exclusively, or primarily to hiking. Guides, used in the sense of books describing trails, are in the Books-Maps category.
In order to be listed in this Guides and Outfitters category, you must provide a service where the itinerary, meaning route, and trip duration, is decided by the client.

In addition, your service must be devoted exclusively, or primarily to hiking. Guides serving multiple activities should submit their sites to Recreation/Outdoors/Guides and Outfitters.

Regular tour companies with a fixed itinerary will not be listed anywhere in Hiking, or Outdoors. Please submit such sites to the proper subcategory of Recreation/Travel/Reservations/Regional Tours or to Recreation/Travel/Reservations/Adventure and Sports/Biking and Hiking.

Thank you.