The Recreation:Outdoors:Equipment Tents categories will list websites which discuss the recreational use of tents. Sites which list items and information for specific outdoor activities other than tents will not be listed here; rather they will be sent to more specific categories. For example, sites which discuss fishing rods and tackle will be listed in the fishing category. Items such as lawn mowers and power washers are not generally considered "recreational" equipment and sites with these items will be sent to more appropriate categories.
For sites to be listed in this category, the majority of its content must be about the recreational use of tents.

Sites whose primary purpose is to sell a broad range of outdoor items should be submitted in the appropriate category under shopping. For example, Shopping/Recreation/Outdoors

Sites which are not in English should be submitted to their language''s category in World. Non-English sites will not be listed in categories outside of World.

Please be aware that repeated submission of the same site, submitting mirror sites, or subpages of sites already listed may result in your site being entirely removed from the Open Directory Project.