Recreational Vehicles are vehicles designed for recreational use in camping. These include pop-ups, truck campers, Class A motorhomes, Class B motorhomes (conversion vans), Class C motorhomes (mini motorhomes), travel trailers, 5th wheel travel trailers, bus conversions and caravans.
PLEASE NOTE: It is important to suggest your site to the most appropriate sub-category. Failure to do so will result in the submission being deleted.

Please submit only sites about vehicles that are used as housing while camping. Other vehicles used for recreation such as ATVs, dune buggies, karts, dirt bikes, 4x4s, and others should be sent to the appropriate category. They will not be listed here.

Bus Conversions concerns buses that have been converted into use as Recreational Vehicles, also known as motorhomes.
Please submit only sites dealing with buses converted into Recreational Vehicles, also known as motorhomes. These sites may include clubs for bus conversion enthusiasts, companies that do the work, or sites that provide parts or advice for do-it-yourselfers.
Personal stories of those who have opted for the RV Life.
Please submit only sites that tell your story of life in a motorhome or RV. Whether you are travelling the world or staying in one place, your story is welcome.
Informational sites about popup campers.
Sites of manufacturers and retailers should be submitted to the appropriate category under Business: Automotive: Recreational Vehicles.
Teardrop trailers are small and streamlined, named because they resemble a teardrop. Usually, they consist of a sleeping cabin that accommodates two or three persons, and a separate outside cooking area hidden under a hatch at the rear of the trailer.
Please submit only sites about the recreational aspect of teardrop trailers.

Sites about manufacture of teardrop trailers should be suggested to Business/Automotive/Recreational_Vehicles/Teardrop_Trailers.