The Indigenous People category contains websites of groups who reenact the culture and traditions of Native Americans and First Nations on the North American continent using period garb and the era's common tools and objects to portray daily living.
This area is for historical interpreters (reenactors, living historians, etc.) interested in portraying and researching the Hispanic past of the Southeast and Southwest of what is now the US, specifically the time during the Spanish Colonial period, from the 1500's to 1811.
These should be sites that either are for the actual location or review the location.
This category is the reenactment of times past on or near the United States. This is done by reinterpreting daily living, activities, artisans, and first-person interpretations, using period garb and the era's common tools and objects. Living History is used to educate others and to remember the good and bad times of a region's past.
Please submit sites for reenactment groups of the American Civil War period.

Merchant and vendor sites should be submitted to Shopping.

Please submit only sites related to groups portraying British or Canadian military units involved in the War of 1812