Sites in this category are organized by the historical region where the historic event occurred, i.e. by the group''s topic. This does not always match their physical location.

A group in England reenacting the American Revolution should be filed under North_America/United_States/Revolutionary_War.

Living History/European is the reenactment of times past on or near the continent of Europe, via the reenactment of daily living and its activities;games, faires, artisans, duels and combat, first-person interpretations, and so on - through historic research, period garb, and use of an era's common tools and objects. Living History is used to educate others and to remember the good and bad times of our ancestors. Suggestions for sites to be listed are encouraged via the "add URL" label at page top - criticism and comments are very welcome at the "editor" active text at page bottom.
Sites for groups or information on portraying Middle Eastern life and times.
Includes Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, et al.