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Sites in this category are organized by the historical region where the historic event occurred, i.e. by the group''s topic. This does not always match their physical location.

A group in England reenacting the American Revolution should be filed under North_America/United_States/Revolutionary_War.

There is currently no description created for this category.
If your site is already listed in a another portion of Living History, please do not resubmit it to By Time Period. Multi-listing within the same Topical area (i.e. Living History) is prohibited by the ODP Guidelines (see: Multiple Listings of an URL).

The "century" level subcategories utilize pointer links to the various periods housed in By Historical Region. Your submission has a better chance of being processed in that section.

Subcategories in this section of Living History are those that do not fit under other Living History subcategories. Typically sites found here belong in categories covering multiple continents, e.g. World War II.
This category contains sites which provide information on or images of historic or traditional garments (either reproduction or authentic). Sites whose intent is to sell or rent costumes should (and will) be placed in the equivalent Shopping category.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Professional performers who present impersonations of actual historical persons and of fictional typical historical persons representing a specific Period for stage performances, educational presentations, and similar events. Also, groups and associations of historical impersonators.
This section lists sites hosted by SCA members that are relevant to the SCA. Please submit your site to the most appropriate subcategory. Most sites (personal, households, guilds, branches) belong somewhere under the Kingdoms subcategory.

Only sites deemed of interest to most or all of the Society are eligible for listing here in the top-level SCA category.

Merchants who are SCA members may submit their sites to the relevant Shopping category.

If your site is of interest to a wider reenactment audience than the SCA, it may be listed elsewhere within Living History.

SCA-relevant sites hosted by SCA members. Currently, most of these sites belong in the various subcategories under Kingdoms. Only certain sites will remain here in the top-level SCA category. Members of the Society are encouraged to submit their sites for addition to the SCA areas of the Open Directory. Sites relevant to a single kingdom will, by default, be located in a subcategory of the appropriate kingdom. For official information on the SCA, visit the organization's website. Below are the modern territories of each SCA kingdom. Some are also listed in the description of that kingdom's subcategory. AETHELMEARC -- West Virginia, western Pennsylvania, and western New York. AN TIR -- Oregon, Washington, the northern tip of Idaho. In Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. ANSTEORRA -- Oklahoma, most of Texas. ARTEMISIA -- southern Idaho, most of Utah, western Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. ATENVELDT -- Arizona, bits of Utah and California. ATLANTIA -- Maryland, most of Virginia, North and South Carolina, a bit of Georgia. CAID -- Southern California, metro Las Vegas, Hawaii, and New Zealand. CALONTIR -- Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, a bit of Arkansas. DRACHENWALD -- Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. EALDORMERE -- most of Ontario, Canada. THE EAST -- eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, eastern New York, and the New England states. In Canada: Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. MERIDIES -- Georgia (most of), Florida's western panhandle, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas (most of), Tennessee, bits of both Kentucky and Virginia. THE MIDDLE -- Kentucky (most of), Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, a bit of Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota. In Canada: Manitoba, and a bit of Ontario. THE OUTLANDS -- New Mexico, most of Colorado, parts of Wyoming and Nebraska, and a bit of Texas. TRIMARIS -- most of Florida (except the western panhandle), Panama, and Antarctica. THE WEST -- Northern California and Nevada, Alaska, Australia, Japan, Korea and the Pacific Rim.
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