This category is for sites about kites, kite flying, and kite design, and contains all sorts of non-commercial sites for people who enjoy kites as a hobby. It also links to Shopping, manufacturing, and distributors categories for those wishing to buy kites or kitesurfing equipment and those who are involved in the kite industry.

To avoid delay in listing, please review prior to submission.

Do not submit web sites to the main Recreation/Kites category unless you cannot find an appropriate sub category.

Submit websites ONLY ONCE to the most relevant category. Multiple submissions or careless submissions will slow the process.

Descriptions should include specific information of the unique qualities and features of the site contents. Avoid advertising hype, overuse of capitalization, and emphatic punctuation.

Affiliate sites, multiple URL''s for the same organization, and mirror sites are not desirable.

Non-English sites should be submitted to the proper language in World. Non-English sites will NOT be listed anywhere in Recreation/Kites.

The ODP reserves the right to alter or replace a proposed description at any time at its sole discretion and editorial judgment.

Calendars of kite events.
Places to talk with others about kites.
Kite related mailing lists and forums are welcome here. Forums for kite surfing should be submitted to Sports:Water Sports:Kitesurfing:Chats and Forums.
The Design and Construction category is for resources useful to kite builders, such as HOW-TO's, advice, specifications of material, specialist techniques.
This category is not for plans. It is for sites that tell you how make the design decision involved in making your own plans. Sites discussing choice of material and methods of construction would be appropriate. Sites cataloging the performance of different materials or the pros and cons of different techniques are welcome.
Directories and catalogues of kite resources, both of on-line and off-line facilities.
Kitefliers often get together to fly, to display their kites, and sometimes to make kites. These events vary in scale from large week long international events to small one - day local events. Most kite festivals are public events, workshops usually require booking.
For sites devoted exclusively to aerial photography taken from kites. Exhibits, technical advice, and how-to's are welcome.
If you are a professional photographer available for hire to do aerial photography, please do not submit your site to this category. Your site will belong in Arts/Photography/Photographers/Aerial.

If the primarily purpose of your site is to sell prints online, please submit your site to Shopping/Visual Arts/Photography.


the sites listed here are organisations that concern themselves with the many different types of kite activities. Here you will find clubs, groups and governing bodies.
Please only submit sites that are kite organisations, groups or clubs. Please do not submit sites that are shops, hire companies or other commercial entities. kite schools are permitted as long as they are an integral part of a club or group.
Pages by, or about individual fliers.
Please list entries by the flier''s name.
Plans for kites of all types.
Note that very simple plans, such as those suitable for children at home or at school have a sub-category: /Recreation/Kites/Plans/Easy.

Unusually, this category accepts deep links direct to a specific plan.

Note that this category is only for plans. Sites about how to build or design kites in general belong in /Recreation/Kites/Design_and_Construction

Rules and laws relating to kite flying.
Software for Kite Fliers.
This category is for sites related to kite traction sports including kite buggying, kiteskating, kite skateboarding, kiteskiing (snow) and kite jumping - but does not include kitesurfing.
Please submit only sites dealing with kite traction sports including kite buggying, kiteskating, kite skateboarding, kiteskiing (snow) and kite jumping in this category.

Sites pertaining to kitesurfing should be listed under Sports/Water_Sports/Kitesurfing and will not be included in this category.

Sites selling traction kites and related products should be listed under Shopping/Recreation/Kites.