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Please make sure that your submission is anagram related.

Anagrams are made by taking letters from names, phrases or sayings and juggling them around to say something else. Your task is to find the original words.
Please submit sites here which contain lists of oxymora or pages about oxymora.
An oxymoron is two words commonly put together which have opposite meaning. Some examples are "true lies", "love hurts" and "final draft".
Words, phrases and sentences which are spelled identically forward and backwards. The results need not make sense, but it helps.
Views on the world of wordplay, puns, palindromes, anagrams and related subjects by people noted in the field.
There are more than enough websites dealing with the subject to warrant this sub-cat. PUNS cat will get too cumbersome if there is no sub-cat.
There is currently no description created for this category.
The object is for the reader to determine the meanings of phrases and words depicted in unusual ways.
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