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Sites offering advice and information on building, maintaining, and safely using black powder firearms. Please submit sites selling guns or parts to "guns and gunsmiths" or "powder and gun parts".
There is currently no description created for this category.
The sites primary focus should be on firearms, not on hunting or a specific discipline of shooting sports.
Contains forums and discussion boards that involve discussions pertaining to all aspects of firearms, operation, ownership and related activities.
All aspects of 4-H Shooting Sports Programs and training.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Web sites that belong here must have an organized list of gun related web sites. The organization can be alphabetically or by category.

The public must be able to submit web pages to the directory. This submission can be automatic or the public can submit web sites for review before inclusion.

It must be obvious on how to make a submission, for example; a link that says "Submit a Site" or an email link.

Web sites that contain an organized list of gun related web sites.
Please submit only sites dealing with firearms education or training. Training facilities should include the city, state/province and country in the description. "Training facilities" is not the same as range facilities. If your site is primarily a gun range that hosts training classes it should be listed here: Recreation/Guns/Range_Facilities.
This category will have anything associated with firearms education or training. Training facilities, reference materials and associated links will be included.
Sites of gun engravers.
Guns shows and online gun auctions
Guns shows and online gun auctions
Sites submitted here should not include shopping. Gunsmiths that are selling product or services (have posted prices and an order method) should be submitted to the proper subcategory in Shopping/Recreation/Guns.
Features sites about Gunsmiths.
Sites in this category are magazines or e-zines offering information on firearms and accessories. Sites that offer sales of such equipment should be submitted to the Shopping category.
If your site is not in English, please submit it to the proper category in World/.
There is currently no description created for this category.
An area where people may discharge firearms using live ammunition in a safe and controlled environment.
Sites specializing in regulatory and legal issues related to firearms and shooting.

Most competitive shooters are active reloaders for reasons of costs, accuracy, and reliability.

Rimfire is a type of ammunition used by small .22 caliber rifles, and handguns. Rimfire rifles and ammunition are the most common firearm in world. It is used for hunting, recreational target shooting, competition shooting, pest control, and self defense. This category will contain info regarding rimfire ammo, accessories, gear, guns, competition, and discussion forums.
This is the place to find a broad range of shooting sports links. From "A"mmo to "Z"ebra hunting if it has to do with shooting as a sport this is the place. It covers a broad range of pages including Clubs, Gunsmiths, Hunting, Manufacturers, Reloading, and Supplies. If your site is selling products, please submit your site to the proper subcategory of Shopping/Recreation/Guns. Such sites will NOT be listed anywhere in Recreation/Guns. TRAINING should not go here, it belongs in either Education_and_Training or Books_and_Magazines. You may also want to check out the categories listed under the heading Recreation: Guns: for more resources.
Slings, Blowguns and related accessories.
Please submit only non-commercial sites which deal with the collecting of toy guns.
A collection of sites about collecting toy guns, to include, cap guns, water guns, nerf guns and other toy gun types. This category is for non-commercial sites.
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