Guides include sites describing and explaining wine, types of wine and/or the production of wine. Directories include lists, search engines, and similar sites. This category includes guides and directories for wine websites, wineries and wine in general, including specific types of wine and wine regions. All listings are specific to Australia.

All sites submitted to this category should be primarily related to wine in Australia. This category lists sites with informational content. Sites that exist only to sell guidebooks should be listed in Shopping/Publications/Books.

Please submit only the following types of sites:

  1. Wine-specific search engines, directories, reviews or link lists.
  2. Online wine guides (including guides that cover specific types of wine as well as general guides).

Before submitting, please check to see if your site fits in one of the following categories:

  • Wine guides that are not specific to Australia should be submitted to Recreation/Food/Drink/Wine/Guides_and_Directories or the appropriate subcategory.
  • Individual vineyards or wineries should not be submitted to this category. They should be submitted to the appropriate geographical sub-category under Recreation/Food/Drink/Wine.
  • Guides to wine regions are appropriate only if they have significant content about the grapes, wines or producers of that region. If they are focused on tourism of the region, they should be submitted to the appropriate Recreation/Travel sub-category.
  • Companies whose primary business is selling Australian wine should be submitted to Shopping/Food/Beverages/Wine/Australian and not here.

Thank you.