Beer is very simple: Water, malt, hops, and yeast.

It is one of mankind's oldest beverages, dating back to the dawn of humanity. Many people have come to enjoy and appreciate this simple libation. Within this category you will find information about beer, whether you brew your own or simply appreciate some of the fine commercially-available products.

Please submit only sites that cover broad topics about beer and cannot be submitted into one of the subcategories.

If your primary interest in beer is in its use as a way to get drunk, you will find Recreation: Food: Drink: Drinking more appropriate.

Pubs that brew their own beer (brewpubs) should be submitted to Recreation: Food: Drink: Beer: Brewers: Brewpubs. Pubs that do not brew their own beer are not listable here and should be submitted to the appropriate category under Regional.

This category contains sites by and about breweries and brewers, as well as their brands.

These companies brew and package their beer for distribution to retail channels. With rare exception, these companies bottle their beer. Most also package their beer in kegs for mass distribution. Many also package their beer in metal cans.

Some brewers don't actually own any of their own brewing equipment, but contract with another brewer to produce and package their recipes. These are known as "contract brewers".

In the United States, brewers that produce fewer than 15,000 bbl per year are termed "microbreweries".

Please submit only sites for breweries and brewers, contract breweries, and their brands.

Sites for establishments that are restaurants with an attached brewery and which do not distribute their beer in retail channels should be submitted to Recreation: Food: Drink: Beer: Brewers: Brewpubs.

Sites for importers/exporters, distributors, marketers specializing in beer, bottlers or providers of ingredients should be submitted to Business: Food and Related Products: Beverages: Beer.

Includes sites for interactive, real-time online chat rooms, bulletin boards, discussion groups, and message boards.
Beer festivals and events held around the world.
This category is for sites that offer information on pairing specific beers and beer styles with particular dishes.
Guides and directories include lists, reviews, search engines, and similar sites. This category contains guides and directories for beer-related websites, breweries, tasting notes, and beer in general.

Please submit only the following types of sites:

  1. Beer-specific search engines, directories, or link lists.
  2. Beer guides (including guides that cover specific beer styles as well as general guides).

This category is for sites with significant informational content only. Sites for companies whose primary business is selling beer and/or related merchandise should be submitted to the appropriate category of Shopping: Food: Beverages: Beer. Sites for individual pubs should be suggested to the appropriate locality in Regional.

Information on brewing beer at home. Includes links to beer styles and recipes, brewing techniques, and equipment.
This category is for mobile applications for smartphones with a primary focus on beer. Such apps typically offer an easy way to review beers, "check in" to the beer you're trying, connect with friends, and usually some sort of gamification.
News services, newspapers, books, magazines, electronic or paper, that cover the world of beer.
This category contains sites which focused on providing rated reviews of different beers.
Beer terms and definitions for those wanting to learn more about beer.

A weblog—or, more often, blog—is a user-generated website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order.

The weblogs listed here provide commentary and/or news primarily about beer. A typical beer blog will combine text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to beer.

Please only submit sites that meet the classic definition of a blog and which cover beer as an overall topic.

More appropriate alternatives for more focused blogs may be:

Weblogs focused on broader topics than beer may be more appropriately submitted to: