For sites about all forms of liquid refreshment - its history, manufacturing, and uses. Both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks are listed here. This category is non-commercial in nature. Sites about online sales, wholesalers, distributors, bars and establishments should be submitted elsewhere. Please see the submission notice for information on where to submit these sites Incorrect submissions may significantly delay review of a site.
The following types of sites should be sent to other categories as noted:

Individual bars and establishments to the proper Regional category.

Online drink sales - The appropriate subcategory at Shopping: Food: Beverages Wholesalers - Business: Food and Related Products

Alcopops is a term created by popular media to describe bottled alcoholic beverages that resemble drinks such as soft drinks and lemonade. Malternative is another name used for these drinks and is a reduction of the phrase 'malt alternative,' and it implies that these drinks are meant to be an alternative to that slightly more famous category of malt-based beverages: beer. These drinks begin life much the same way as beer: Malted grain and water are fermented to create alcohol. The resulting mixture is then filtered (generally with carbon) to remove any "malt" flavor, and then sweet fruit flavorings are added. Alcohol content is generally around 5% by volume. The resulting concoction is sweet, like a soft drink, comes in 12 ounce bottles, like beer, is marketed heavily to the "under 30" crowd, especially women, and, perhaps most importantly, is regulated the same as beer.

Beer is very simple: Water, malt, hops, and yeast.

It is one of mankind's oldest beverages, dating back to the dawn of humanity. Many people have come to enjoy and appreciate this simple libation. Within this category you will find information about beer, whether you brew your own or simply appreciate some of the fine commercially-available products.

Please submit only sites that cover broad topics about beer and cannot be submitted into one of the subcategories.

If your primary interest in beer is in its use as a way to get drunk, you will find Recreation: Food: Drink: Drinking more appropriate.

Pubs that brew their own beer (brewpubs) should be submitted to Recreation: Food: Drink: Beer: Brewers: Brewpubs. Pubs that do not brew their own beer are not listable here and should be submitted to the appropriate category under Regional.

From hard ciders to sparkling ciders, non alcoholic ciders and apple wines.
Cocktails are mixed alcoholic drinks consisting of a liquor such as gin, vodka, brandy, rum, tequila or whiskey that is combined with fruit juices and other liquors or mixes. Cocktails are often served in special glassware or with a unique garnish.

Please submit only sites that have cocktail related information beyond just recipes. This can include organizing cocktail parties/clubs, cocktail history, home bar information or general cocktail information.

Sites that consist of mainly cocktail recipes should be submitted to Home/Cooking/Beverages/Cocktails/Collections_and_Indexes.

Sites for businesses such as bars, restaurants or catering services will not be accepted, and should be submitted under the appropriate Regional category, usually found under Business and Economy/Event Planning for your appropriate city or regional area.

Sites representing alcoholic products or product manufacturers should be submitted to the appropriate category under Business/Food_and_Related_Products/Beverages/.

General information about the drink coffee.

All sites in this category should contain significant information about coffee.

Before submitting here, please check to see if the site falls in one of the following categories:

Thank you.

Sites covering various aspects of drinking alcoholic beverages are listed here. Examples include drinking in all its forms, the state of being drunk (history, humor and advice) and hangover cures.
Sites dealing mainly with alcoholism should be submitted to Health: Substance Abuse: Alcoholism .

This category is for sites containing information about liquor - its history, uses, and preparation.

Sites about online sales, bars and drinking establishments, wholesalers will not be listed here. Please see the submission notice for where to submit these sites.

Distilleries may be listed if their site contains sufficient information about liquor (i.e., not primarily sales).

Sites about specific liquors should be sent to the proper subcategory.

The following types of sites should be sent to other categories as noted:

Includes sites with information on creating multiple types of beverages at home, as well as "Brew On Premises," establishments that provide equipment and space for people to create their own beverages.
Sites that specialize in only one type of beverage should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory for that beverage.

Sites selling supplies for home beverage production should be submitted to the appropriate category in Shopping: Food: Beverages (e.g., Shopping: Food: Beverages: Home Brewing, Winemaking and Distilling)

Sites for recipes using commercially-made beverages should be submitted to Home: Cooking: Beverages

Mead is an alcoholic beverage made from honey, although fruits, herbs and spices can be added. This category contains links to meadmaking pages as well as commercial meaderies.
Please submit commercial meaderies that are exclusively meaderies, not wineries that also make a honey wine.

Japanese Sake

Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice.

Also listed under this category are web sites about Shochu (distilled Korean liquor) and Awamori (distilled rice liquor from Okinawa).

See the FAQ regarding the pronunciation of the word sake.

This category is for root beer sites that deal with how to make root beer, root beer ratings and reviews, root beer history, and root beer humor or games.

If your site belongs to a company that makes root beer and provides mostly corporate information, please submit it to Business: Food and Related Products: Beverages: Soft Drinks.

If your site primarily sells root beer online, submit it to Shopping: Food: Beverages: Soft Drinks.

If your site represents a company that sells rootbeer in a single region or city, please submit it to the locality where it is based.


Sites offering information about or related to tea: growing, processing, history, culture, preparation, and serving.

Sites listed in Recreation/Food/Drink/Tea are informational in nature. Commercial tea businesses (retail or wholesale) should be submitted to one of these categories:

-- Retailers offering online shopping for tea only should submit the URL to:
Shopping: Food: Beverages: Coffee and Tea: Tea

-- Retailers offering both tea and coffee should submit the URL to:
Shopping: Food: Beverages: Coffee and Tea
*Please note that sites will be listed in either Coffee and Tea or Tea, not in both.*

-- Wholesalers, packers, and importers should submit the URL to:
Business: Food and Related Products: Beverages: Tea

-- Retailers offering herbal tisanes or infusions as the sole or main product should submit the URL to:
Shopping: Health and Beauty: Alternative: Herbs: Teas and Tonics

-- Retailers offering teapots only or as the main product should submit the URL to:
Recreation: Collecting: Food and Drink Related: Kitchenware: Teapots

-- Retailers offering tea as one product amongst assorted giftware and/or food gifts should submit the URL to:
Shopping: Gifts

-- Local retailers and tea rooms not offering online shopping should submit the URL to the appropriate Regional category.

-- Web sites that are not in English language should submit URLs to the appropriate World:[Language] category.

Most of the sites listed in Recreation/Food/Drink/Tea are personal or organizational. Occasionally, commercial sites that offer unique or extraordinary information may be listed here at the discretion of the editor. The large majority of commercial submissions are simply routed to one of the above categories. Please select the most appropriate category when submitting your web site.

Mozilla imbibes

This category lists web sites of wineries and sites with information relevant to the wine consumer. Sites with specific regional content or with a particular focus can be found in the appropriate subcategories.

Please first check the submission guidelines at and find the subcategory most appropriate to the site.

Wine retailers selling on-line are listed in Shopping: Food: Beverages: Wine while businesses supplying the wine industry or offering wine wholesale should go to Business: Food and Related Products: Beverages: Wine