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Sites given consideration in the Recreation: Drugs: Cannabis category must be recreational in nature, pertaining to Cannabis and its derivatives ONLY, and technically functioning. The category editor reserves the right to reject for inclusion any proposed site for failing to meet the criteria set forth by the Open Directory Project.
Sites related to the recreational of cannabis (marijuana), also featuring anti-prohibition sites.
This category is ONLY for sites about the recreational use of dissociatives as a whole. If your site is about a specific dissociative, then submit it to the appropriate subcategory.
Dissociatives is short for dissociative anaesthetics. The dissociatives are one of the major classes of psychedelic drugs. Therapeutically, they act as anaesthetics by essentially disconnecting the brain for the body and sensation. At subtherapeutic doses, these drugs are psychedelics, and often powerfully so. The 3 dissociatives that are currently used recreationally are DXM (dextromethorphan), ketamine, and PCP.
Entheogens: Substances which generate god or spirit within. Peyote or psilocybin mushrooms are traditional examples of this. However, entheogenic use can involve the use of various other psychedelics and psychoactives, such as ketamine, dextromethorphan, DMT, and even non-psychedelic drugs if used in a religious or spiritual context. Entheogens are not a category of drugs per se, but more a method of using them.
Sites where information about recreational drug use is presented in a format of common questions followed by an answer. FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.
This category is for sites about psychedelic drugs. Please check to see if one of the subcategories is more appropriate for your site before submitting here. Also, please note that while dissociatives (DXM, ketamine and PCP) are usually considered psychedelics, they have their own category here at Recreation/Drugs/Dissociatives. As for what is a psychedelic drug, this definition, taken from is used here: Main Entry: 2psychedelic Function: adjective 1 a : of, relating to, or being drugs (as LSD) capable of producing abnormal psychic effects (as hallucinations) and sometimes psychic states resembling mental illness b : produced by or associated with the use of psychedelic drugs
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