Lego is a "brick" toy construction system used by fans of all ages to create art, towns, vehicles, buildings, trains, boats, bridges, people, animated movies, robots, planes, and every conceivable object.
Submit sites about Lego bricks. Search the subcategories for appropriate placement of themes, models, users groups, animation, theme parks, etc..

Category is also appropriate for vintage Lego toy collections.

Sites selling Lego products should be submitted to: Shopping/Toys_and_Games/Construction/Lego/

Includes stop motion animated shorts or movies using Lego brand bricks and minifigures as the background and star of film.
Please submit any stop motion animated film/short clip that features Lego bricks and minifigures.


Even though many of the Lego creations are a work of art, this category is intended for intentional sculptures, mosaics, or the use of Lego in an unusual but artistic manner.
Submit only sites that deal with Lego as a tool to create art (sculptures, mosaics, object-based).
Inspired fans who create, collect, construct, sculpt, mold, and build all types of Lego themes, models, and sets.
Builder sites include multiple Lego projects on one website. Example would be a Lego fan who creates castles, trains, towns, robots, and visits LegoLand, too.
This category presents sites that offer Lego drawings that use the CAD drawing software program. Lego-style drawing programs are an excellent resource for people seeking to enhance their Lego pages with instructions and computer rendered models.
Submit only sites that feature images created from Lego-style CAD drawing software.
Features sites that create games using Lego bricks and minifigs. Games often will include a set of rules, and have a story.
Submit only sites that deal with using Lego bricks and minifigs to play games.
The small Lego creatures and people that inhabit the world of Lego.
Submit sites that concentrate on the creatures and little people that inhabit the Lego world.
Includes reviews, materials, instructions, and database concerning the Lego brick, sets, and models.
Submit reviews, materials, instructions, and database concerning the Lego brick, sets, and models.
Lego brick sets and systems designed around a specific theme, such as space, towns, adventures, pirates, transportation, robotics, or may also include any fan inspired themes.
Submit sites with specific themes to the correct category. If not available, sites will be placed in the general Themes category.
This category is intended for Lego clubs and user groups that fans of Lego bricks can join. They can be either real world or online-only clubs.
Please only submit clubs and user groups that accept members from the general public.
Web Rings associated with the Lego brick system.
Submit any web ring that features the Lego brick system.