The sites listed here are those that deal with general categories of collectibles, that are related by a "Theme", as opposed to relationship by kind. (e.g. a collection of any item related to horses (a theme) whether it is a figurine, toy, book, stamp, coin etc., would fit in this category. Included in this category is information about the acquisition, display, identification, and conservation of these collections.
Acceptable sites should contain original content pertaining to the acquisition, display, identification, and conservation of themed items that would be useful or of interest to collectors. For quick review please search through the subcategories to find the correct placement of your site.

All sites, which offer products and collectibles for sale on line and off line, should be submitted to Shopping/Antiques and Collectibles. Commercial sites will not be accepted in this category.

Please only submit sites about gambling-related collectibles. Advertisements for casinos and online gambling will be deleted.
Sites listed here will focus on the hobby of collecting police memorabilia. Sites mainly concerned with sales belong in Shopping/, not here.