This category is about the activity of collecting items that are Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror related. Included in this category is information about the acquisition, display, identification, and conservation of these collections.
Acceptable sites should contain original content pertaining to the acquisition, display, identification, and conservation of "Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror" items that would be useful or of interest to collectors. For quick review please search through the subcategories to find the correct placement of your site.

All sites, which offer products and collectibles for sale on line and off line, should be submitted to Shopping/Antiques and Collectibles. Commercial sites will not be accepted in this category.

A collection can range from three to thousands of items, and may consist of various themes although united by one specific theme they all share. A unicorn collection may consist of anything from expensive rare items to inexpensive knickknacks.
Submitted sites should contain content of interest to unicorn collectors, collections, collecting items, about collectors, and/or about an individual collector. If the site to be submitted is not about collecting or collectors specifically, other related categories which may be considered are unicorn folklore and traditional tales, fantasy cyber pet adoptions, shops selling collectibles, and sites often with mixed media about unicorns in general. If your site doesn''t meet the above criteria, and is submitted here anyway, inclusion in the directory can be delayed by the sorting process. Please try to find the most specific category for your site before submitting. Thank you, and please enjoy submitting your website.