Category contains sites that relate to collecting Liquor and Wine items, such as decanters, shot glasses, bottles and collectibles of a particular brand (ex: Jack Daniels).
This category lists sites that are dedicated to the collection of Absolut Vodka ads. There are a surprising number of people who collect Absolut Vodka ads, and these sites are some really helpful resources for those people.
This is the master category for corkscrew collectors and others who have an interest in the hobby. There are several different subcategories listed under this one to make it easier for the searcher to find what s/he is looking for. Sites are accepted if they are wholly or partially about corkscrew collecting, selling, trading, informing or showing pictures about antique or new corkscrews. Organizations' and personal webpages are all acceptable and will be listed under one of the subdirectories when submitted via the normal process or found by the editor when surfing.