Beer / brewery related collectibles, also known as "breweriana". This includes cans, bottles, advertising items, signs, and other beer-related paraphernalia.
Appropriate submissions include sites with a primary focus on collecting of beer and brewery related items. Sites related to the brewing and consumption of beer should be submitted to a more appropriate category. Sites engaged primarily in the sale of beer and brewery items and collectibles should be submitted to an appropriate shopping category. (see related categories under this heading)
Beer bottle caps, crown caps, bottle tops, or what ever you call them: Everything that has been on a beer bottle fits in this category. Links to sites with beer as well as soda caps will stay here for the moment, until we've found a better place for them.
Beer coasters (also called beer mats) are the pieces of cardboard (other materials are very rare) that are put under a beer glass to avoid stains on the table. They normally advertise beer or a brewery, but they also can be dedicated to other kinds of beverage, events, bars, restaurants, or collector clubs. This category mainly contains links to collector's homepages.
This category is for web sites which provide information about collecting anything related to beer steins, glasses, tankards, seidels, or other drinking vessels.
This category is for informational sites about collecting and collections. Commercial sites selling beer steins and glasses and similar products are more appropriate for Shopping: Antiques and Collectibles: Beer Steins and Glasses.