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Cherished Teddies collectibles are cute little teddy bear figurines, designed by Priscilla Hillman, and distributed by Enesco Corporation.

This category contains links to general Cherished Teddies related sites, and the following sub-categories:

For Sale: Dealers and other sources for purchasing Cherished Teddies merchandise. Club Chapters: Offline and Online chapters of the official Cherished Teddies Club.
Wee Forest Folk are small porcelain-like collectible figurines. They are created by the Petersen family (Annette, Willy and Donna) in Concord, MA. All pieces are handpainted and must pass a rigorous quality control inspection before being shipped to retailers, making them a fine art collectible. There are over 500 pieces in the line (including retired pieces) and they are sold in approximately 450 collectible stores nationwide.
Sites in this category provide information about WFF beyond basic product and sales information, such as photographs of retired pieces, information about production, and answers to questions about WFF. Retailers should be listed under Shopping.