In its purest form, camp is a sustained experience which provides a creative, educational opportunity in group living in the outdoors. It utilizes trained leadership and the resources of the natural surroundings to contribute to each camper's mental, physical, social, and spiritual growth. While often referred to as summer camp, this experience exists in a number of different programs that are offered by camps on a year-round basis. These include programs that serve youth, adults, and seniors in resident camps and conference centers. These programs may be sponsored by agencies, religious organizations, or independent operators.
Please submit only sites for companies/organizations that operate traditional resident camps in more than one European country to this cat. Camps with only one location should be submitted to the proper country subcategory in Recreation/Camps/Europe. If there is no subcategory for the country in which the camp is located, it may be submitted here.

Specialty camps (such as equestrian, special needs, etc.) should be submitted to the proper specialty Recreation/Camps subcategory.

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