The Open Directory Personal Watercraft category is dedicated to cataloging the significant personal watercraft resources on the Internet. The mission statement for this category is: "Have fun but ride safe and responsibly!" To support that we seek to have information on how to ride safely and responsibly (clubs and laws and regulations), how to have fun (personal home pages and racing), and everything else in between. "Have fun but ride safe and responsibly!" -The Open Directory Project Personal Watercraft Editors
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Listed clubs may or may not be associated with official personal watercraft organizations.
Informational sites provide statistics, safety tips, boating examinations, rules of the waterways, maintenance or technical tips, links, and any other general information about personal watercraft.
Sites listed are specific to personal watercraft. If a particular geographical location is not listed, check in the Boating Laws and Regulations listing under Safety where general boating, including personal watercraft, laws and regulations are listed.
Magazines listed relate to personal watercraft specifically. Sites may be an ezine, may include only subscription information, or may present an abbreviated version of the actual publication.
Personal watercraft enthusiasts.