This category is for sites about whitewater rafting. Whitewater canoeing and/or kayaking sites are listed in Sports/Water Sports/Canoeing and Kayaking/Whitewater.
Please do not submit whitewater canoeing and/or kayaking sites to this category. These should be submitted to Sports/Water Sports/Canoeing and Kayaking/Whitewater.

Canoeing and kayaking sites will not be listed anywhere in Recreation/Boating/Paddling.

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This category is for sites which are entirely or primarily about whitewater rafting tour companies and/or outfitters.
Please only submit sites to this category that feature companies which specialize in whitewater rafting tours and/or outfitting.

Tour operators that feature other activities, and do not particularly specialize in whitewater rafting, should submit to the appropriate subcategory of Recreation/Travel/Tour_Operators. Such sites will not be given a second listing here.

Sites featuring canoeing and kayaking services should be submitted to Sports/Water_Sports/Canoeing and Kayaking/Regional. Canoeing and kayaking sites will not be listed anywhere in Recreation/Boating/Paddling/Whitewater Rafting.

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