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Review the Recreation: Boating sub-topic descriptions to find the most appropriate category for submissions. Within that category, find the lowest level category appropriate to the site being submitted. This generally results in quicker review of your site.
Descriptions should include specific information of the unique qualities and features of the site contents. Avoid advertising hype, overuse of capitalization, and emphatic punctuation. Do use the English language, proper grammar, and a spell-checker.

Affiliate sites, multiple URL''s for the same organization, and mirror sites are not desirable.

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If the main focus of your site is offering boat sales and service please submit your site to your proper Regional locality''s Marine Sales and Service category. Your listing is based upon your actual location, not the area served by your business.
Example: a Fort Lauderdale, Florida business would submit to Regional: North America: United States: Florida: Localities: F: Fort Lauderdale: Business and Economy: Marine Sales and Services

If the main focus of your site is offering boating parts and supplies for sale online, please do not submit such sites to this category. Such sites should be submitted to an appropriate category in Shopping: Vehicles: Watercraft.

If the main focus of your site is a classified listing of boats or boat parts and supplies, please submit your site to Shopping: Classifieds: Watercraft.

If the main focus of your site is to sell your personal boat or boating parts or supplies, you are encouraged to submit your classified listing with one or more of the classified sites listed at Shopping: Classifieds: Watercraft. Such sites will not be listed in Recreation: Boating: Boat Sales and Rentals.

This category contains links to regions and countries with boating and other marine related sites.
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