This category is for all aspects and areas of Skydiving. There are other keywords which pertain and these include parachuting, indoor skydiving, skydiving simulators, parachutes and equipment and base jumping.
This category is the high level root directory for all aspects of skydiving. If you've submitted here then you probably either haven't looked at the other categories below this or you want to get faster or higher inclusion. Please remember that there are human editors here and we will be able to categorise and include your site much faster if you submit it to the correct category.
The associations and organizations which govern, regulate, and promote sport parachuting around the world.
Please suggest only sites for national representative or governing organizations for parachuting/skydiving. The other organizations which fit here are sector wide coordinating bodies who work across all countries such as the PIA or FAI or global licensing organizations such as TUV, TSO or ISO. There are separate categories for sites pertaining to BASE, paragliding and powered parachutes.
Sites by or about professional skydiving photographers, with on-line galleries of their work.
Skydiving clubs.
This category is intended for groups of people who skydive together, such as University clubs. Please submit skydiving Teams or Dropzones to the appropriate categories instead.
Airfields where skydiving takes place.
This category is for dropzone websites only. Please use different categories for skydiving information sites.
Magazines about skydiving.
Websites by and about an individual skydiver.
Sites about skydiving safety.
Skydiving schools that offer beginner or advanced instruction.
Submissions should not be made to this category from Dropzones that offer instruction - please submit these to the appropriate Dropzone category.
Teams who compete in skydiving competitions.
Please submit only pages for teams which are dedicated to display jumping. If the team is primarily a competition team, please use one of the other subcategories, such as ''Formation Skydiving'' or ''Freeflying''. Should no appropriate category exist, please use the main ''Teams'' category.