This category covers all aspects of recreational aviation from spotting to piloting.
Sites that mainly cater for maintenance and repair of commercial aircraft should be sent to the Repairs and Maintenance category.

Sites of aircraft manufacturers should be sent to the appropriate sub category in the Manufacturers area.

Airships produce lift by displacing air in a rigid or semi-rigid envelope with another gas such as helium, hydrogen, or a heated gas. This makes the entire envelope lighter than the air that is displaced. Examples would include Zeppelins, dirigibles and blimps.
This category is for sites that contain a recreational, historic or hobby focus. This can include sites that are spotter sites, historic accounts and image galleries. Sites that have a commercial focus will not be listed in this category and should be submitted to the appropriate Business/ category such as the Business/Advertising/Promotional_Items/Business_Items/Balloons_and_Blimps/ category.
This category is for sites that are provide flights in aircraft for pleasure.
Sites submitted to this category must describe an organization involved in providing flights in aircraft for pleasure. Typically the flights involved will be short and will normally return to the airfield where the flight originated.

Sites that provide flights in unusual aircraft (eg military and vintage)should be submitted to Fun Flights.

Sites that provide flights as a means of transportation between locations should be submitted to Charters.

Non-English language sites should be submitted to the appropriate language category in World.

Powered heavier-than-air craft that achieve flight by airflow over and under cantilevered wings which creates most of the lift. Commonly known as airplanes or aeroplanes.
Submit sites to this category that relate to recreational use. Aircraft sales go in a Shopping category and business sites should be submitted to an appropriate Business category.
Information about the Sport of Hang Gliding.
This section details the numerous resources for homebuilt aircraft. Homebuilts are aircraft which are either fabricated in a shop and sent to the consumer in parts (a kit or kitplane) or those which are completely designed and built at home, either with plans or by the owner himself. Homebuilts, despite the name are rather nice aircraft to fly, and produce a significant amount of satisfaction to the builders and the people that are near them. A properly built homebuilt aircraft generally isn't much more risky to fly than your average Cessna or light airplane. Some homebuilts are even more reliable than their commercial counterparts.
If you have a site describing a plane that can be built from a kits then please submit it here.If the aircraft can be built from a plan plan only, please submit to the Plans Build .
Companies and individuals related to the restoration of aircraft.
General aviation history organizations and those that restore aircraft for non-flying display should be submitted to Science/Technology/Aerospace/Aeronautics/History/Organizations .

Aircraft museum websites should be submitted to an appropriate (depending on location) subcategory of Reference/Museums/Transportation/Aviation .

Sites pertaining to all types of Rotorcraft and services for same. Areas include training, rental, chartering, model, supplies, etc.
This section is devoted to soaring, the flying of aircraft without relying on engines. The web sites here will help you find governing bodies for soaring, locations where you can soar, sailplane manufacturers, weather information, and other information related to soaring.
Sites primarily concerned with sales and service, repair, trading, or chartering of gliders. Excluded are large sites with strong general interest.
Please submit only ultralight equipment and services information to this category.