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Sites that mainly cater for maintenance and repair of commercial aircraft should be sent to the Repairs and Maintenance category.

Sites of aircraft manufacturers should be sent to the appropriate sub category in the Manufacturers area.

This category covers all aspects of recreational aviation from spotting to piloting.
Please submit only sites and pages which have substantive unique ballooning content or are focused on photos of balloons.
Recreation ballooning should include sites in the sports of: HOT AIR BALLOONING (including thermal airships) and GAS BALLOONING. Home made and radio controlled versions of these sports are to be included as well. Care must be taken to place sites in appropriate sub-category if it is listed.
Submit sites to this category for air show events, companies that organize them, pilot and team sites, promoters, and circus producers.
An air show is an exhibition of aircraft and aviation skills.
Sites submitted to this category must provide flights in aircraft not normally available to the public.

Sites that offer siteseeing flights should be submitted to Charters.

Non-English language sites should be submitted to the appropriate language category in World.

This category is for sites of businesses or individuals that provide flights purely for the pleasure of experiencing a particular aircraft type. These flights would normally be in aircraft that are not readily available to the general public. The aircraft available could include vintage, aerobatic, unusual, or military aircraft. The flights would tend to be of short duration and could include military manoeuvres and dogfighting.
Please submit your site to the appropriate sub-category.
Contains sites about the recreational (non-military-usage) aspects of military aircraft.
Please submit your Model Aviation (flight capable radio controlled, free flight, or control line) web site to one of the sub-categories (or sub-cats of) of this category for listing consideration. Look for a category already listing sites most like yours for the most appropriate submission.

Please submit all non-English Language sites to the appropriate sub-cat in World

For static scale (non-flying) models, please submit to Recreation Models Scale

This category is used for flight capable model aircraft of all types including Control Line, Free Flight, and Radio Controlled Airplanes, Helicopters, and Soaring. For static scale (non-flying) models see Recreation Models Scale
Please submit only non-commercial aviation multimedia sites in this category. Sites with online sale of aviation multimedia items should be submitted to the appropriate Shopping or Business category.
Recreation: Aviation: Multimedia:

Sites in this section feature non-commercial aviation multimedia clips and items.

Publications covering commercial flying should be submitted to
Sites submitted to this category must describe an organization involved in recreational aviation. The sites must be submitted to the appropriate sub-category.

Sites of Pilot''s organizations should be submitted to the appropriate sub-category in Pilot''s.

Non-English language sites should be submitted to the appropriate language category in World.

This category is for sites of organizations that are involved in recreational aviation. The organizations can range from small local groups to world wide associations.
Please only submit personal pages about aircraft to this category.
This category contains sites related to aviation which are created by individuals who wish to share stories and photos of their aircraft, flying adventures or general information about a particular type of aircraft.
Sites that are not aimed at pilots or potential pilots should not be submitted to this category.

Sites about a specific pilot should be submitted to an appropriate category under the Aviation Personalities category.

This category is for sites that have information specifically aimed at people intending to fly aircraft, and unlikely to be of significant interest to aircraft enthusiasts. Suitable sites include sales/rental of aircraft, flight destinations, flight planning services, pilot's organisations, etc.
Laws and rules governing general aviation.
Only include sites about simulations that are certified or approved as training aids by aviation authorities. Sites about simulations that are not certified, regardless of complexity, should be submitted to Games or an appropriate subcategory.
Sites that are dedicated to the emulating of actual flight.
This category is the high level root directory for all aspects of skydiving. If you've submitted here then you probably either haven't looked at the other categories below this or you want to get faster or higher inclusion. Please remember that there are human editors here and we will be able to categorise and include your site much faster if you submit it to the correct category.
This category is for all aspects and areas of Skydiving. There are other keywords which pertain and these include parachuting, indoor skydiving, skydiving simulators, parachutes and equipment and base jumping.
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