This category is for sites about collecting or restoring vintage Broadcast band and multi-band consumer-type radio receivers. Many collectors like to perform their own restoration of the electronics and cabinets, and then share their collections and experiences with others through a web site. These personal collections are often the only source of information about some models.
Sites about sales of antique radio sets, parts, and schematics or restoration services should be submitted to the Shopping: Antiques and Collectibles: Radios category.

Sites that are primarily about vintage Amateur Radio equipment should be submitted to Recreation: Radio: Amateur: Boatanchors, unless there is a significant amount of content that would be of interest to both kinds of collectors, such as electronics parts, in which case a duplicate listing might be permitted.

Sites about Old-Time Radio shows and performers belong in Arts: Radio: Formats: Old-Time Radio.

This category may include non-commercial sites about vintage primitive radio sets, instructions for building replicas, and anecdotes about primitive or homemade clandestine radio listening devices. Crystal radio kits for sale should be submitted to Shopping/Consumer_Electronics/Communications/Wireless/Radios/Kits_and_Components.
This category is for organizations, clubs, societies, and associations that promote activities for the collecting, preservation, and restoration of vintage radios. They should focus on meetings and activities in a particular geographical region, as opposed to online or "virtual" organizations.
Sites submitted to Recreation/Antiques/Radios/Organizations should be associated with a geographical location, or with organizations that conduct "face-to-face" meetings and activities.
This category is for image galleries and restoration notes for collections of vintage radios owned by individuals, especially vacuum tube and crystal sets.
Sites of a commercial nature (sales of sets, parts, or restoration services) should be submitted to Recreation/Antiques/Radio/Commercial/