Media Literacy is concerned with websites and articles and collections of scholarly material on critical thinking and viewing skills for the consumers of news, entertainment, and advertising.
While this category encourages links to online academic resources, it is preferable to submit links to actual online content, i.e. working websites, online articles, online perspectives, histories, PDF documents and lectures, rather than just links to academic course catalogs, departments, or courses of study. The category encourages online education, and is not in the business of selling books or courses online. We also welcome sites maintained by working professionals in the fields of advertising and the media arts, with content on their craft from the producer side.
This subcategory offers perspectives on music, music marketing, and popular music in contemporary mass culture.
This category hosts discussion on music as popular media field from a variety of perspectives. It is not about arguing the merits of any particular band, music, or style. It''s not music theory either. It''s about how popular music is sold, co-opted, produced, and consumed in our materialist culture. Perspectives from working artists may be included. Perspectievs and models of succesful marketing and marketing statistics on music, media, and youth culture are encouraged.