Current Events is a section for people looking for current news and commentary on hot news items such as elections, disasters, and military or political conflicts. For general news about a specific subject, check out News: By Subject.
Submissions are no longer being accepted in the top level of this category. All general news sites should be submitted to News. Any sites with any topical interest or alternative slant should be submitted to the appropriate News subcategory.
Sites containing news, background information, analysis, opinion and other resources about current issues or topics on economic or business matters, and their relationship to society. Intended to provide access to a variety of viewpoints, and in-depth information.
World wide or widely available periodicals or publications which have web sites are welcome here.

Individual commentary pages should be submitted elsewhere, if at all, on the Open Directory Project.

Links you to the latest news on current scandals, investigations, and government cover-ups.
For conspiracy-related sites, please submit to the appropriate category within Society: Issues: Conspiracy
For sites about missing people, please submit to Society: People: Missing People

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