This category is for sites that foster creativity in teenagers by showcasing their work. Examples of creative expression that are appropriate to this category include poetry, music, artwork, photography, basketry, sculpture, leatherwork and metalwork by teenagers.
Please only submit sites that are appropriate for, and of interest to, teenagers between the ages of 11-19. Sites that are primarily designed to sell products or services will not be listed in any branch of Kids and Teens.

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Personal homepages will not be listed in this category, but should be submitted to Kids and Teens/People and Society/Personal Homepages.

A place for poetry written by teens.
For information on poetry in general and works by notable poets, see Kids and Teens: School Time: English: Literature: Poetry.
Only sites that are solely about poetry will be listed in this category. If you have a homepage where only one section is poetry, please submit to the appropriate letter in Kids and Teens: People and Society: Personal Homepages:By Teens

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