This category contains advice for teenagers, ranging from the ages of 11-19. Do think carefully and use your own judgement. It can be hard to determine the qualifications of those offering advice over the Internet. Please be careful not to reveal identifying personal information when requesting advice.
Please only submit sites that are appropriate for, and of interest to, teenagers between the ages of 11-18. Sites that are primarily designed to sell products or services will not be listed in any branch of Kids and Teens.

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Free advice for teens from helpful souls with no (or little) training, but a willingness to share their accumulated life wisdom with others. These sites are usually considered a hobby.
Advice on saving money, starting your own businesses, avoiding rip-offs, and smart buying.
Submit sites about saving money, starting a business, and other smart buying tips.
This category is for sites by organizations offering a toll-free help line phone number. They offer other services as well such as online articles and/or forums.
Teen romance includes love, dating, sex, heartbreaks, and advice about these topics.
Thank-you for suggesting a website to Kids and Teens: Teen Life: Advice: Romance.

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