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Your site needs to have at least one building, yet not be a part of a greater community or be connected to a community in any way. You can have multiple buildings on your website.
Do you have a site that shows off your LEGO Town or City building creations? Well, this category is for you. These are sites that exclusively show off buildings created out of LEGO.
Criteria: 1) Does this town have mostly LEGO Town or City Center sets, or even original creations that would most likely be in a city?

2) Does the web site have information about more than one building?

3) Is there a logical connection between the buildings? (Such as a street, walkway, etc.)

4) Is there any government, or even any city wide organization that unites the city?

Even if you are unsure if you fit the criteria, PLEASE submit your site anyway, as I will try my best to ensure that you get listed in the best place possible.

This category is devoted to the LEGO fan who has made a real living city out of LEGOs. These sites really bring their cities to the web surfer and his/her own fingertips
These are towns and cities that are virtual, using the LCad or LDraw programs
If your website is about your fire department, submit here. Does your website have pages about other parts of your city? Is this page not the main page nor the majority of your website? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, you should look at the Communities or Town categories.
This category honors the fine LEGO Town and City firefighters of the world. There are a variety of web sites devoted to LEGO Fire Departments and this category will list nearly all of them.
This category is for sites devoted to the LEGO product line of soccer sets. LEGO introduced this line in order to add a sporty line to the LEGO collection. LEGO Soccer tournaments, product reviews, and commentaries can go here.
Is your site mostly about trains? If so, apply in the Train category, linked directly from the main town page.
This category shows off people's LEGO vehicles, cars, trucks, monorails.
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