A category for sites about Lego.
Animations created with Lego bricks.
Please only submit web pages/sites containing Lego animation. Do not submit the URL of the actual animation.
Figures and stories of six legendary Toa; Tahu, Gali, Lewa, Kopaka, Onua, and Pohatu, who come to the rescue of the Turaga.
Submit Bionicle related sites, including photographs, fans, downloads, fan fiction, clubs, and interactive games.
This category presents sites that offer Lego-style CAD drawing software as well as sites which offer plugins and addons for those programs free for download. Lego-style drawing programs are an excellent resource for people seeking to enhance their Lego pages with instructions and computer rendered models.
Using the creative sets from LEGO, Town theme, City Center theme, and today the many new themes that incoporate parts of the town, these people have created some almost real buildings and cities that fit in their own bedrooms. These websites show off their creations, from the very simple to the overwhelmingly complex.
Your site needs to have at least one building, yet not be a part of a greater community or be connected to a community in any way. You can have multiple buildings on your website.
Subcategory dealing with Train and Monorail related creations, organizations, and information
This category is intended for Lego clubs and user groups that fans of Lego bricks can join. They can be either real world or online-only clubs.
Please only submit clubs and user groups that accept members from the general public. A club of just you and your best friend would not be approved in this category.