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Africa is the home of the first "man", Lucy, who lived over 3 million years ago. Africans have been farming for more than 8,000 years. This category begins with the Mali, a civilization built on the banks of the Niger River (250 BC through 400 AD.) A major city of the time was Jenne-jeno. The Mali Civilization formed the background for three later major empires - Ghana, Mali, Songhai (9th-15th centuries.)
Oltecs, Incas, Mayas, Aztecs, other early civilizations in North, South and Central America.
The study of ancient China covers approximately 11,000 years of Chinese history, beginning around 10,000 BC and continuing up to and including the T'ang Dynasty (600-900 AD)
Information on the ancient Greek civilization; city-states, daily life, culture, government, justice system, architecture, inventions, wars.
History of this area from 10,000 BC up until around 700 AD (Age of Empires.)
Mesopotamia, Sumer, Babylonian, Hittites, Israel, ancient Islam; area that is now West Asia/Near East/Middle East.
The ancient Roman civilization, from approximately 400 BC to 460 AD. Sites selected for kids and teenagers.
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