Animals existed for hundreds of millions of years before there were any humans, so we know about them only through evidence left behind, by careful study of their descendents, or in some cases, by studying living examples which have changed little since prehistoric times.

It seems that the first animals were those which lived in the sea, followed by the group known as dinosaurs, and much later, birds and mammals.

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The earliest mammal identified so far is from about 45 million years ago, but we are more familiar with the ones from 10,000 to 70,000 years ago. These co-existed with the first humans, and are better known because of cave paintings, mummified carcasses, tools made from bones, and other remains.
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The earliest animals lived in the sea, and preserved and fossilised remains have provided a lot of information about them, and about conditions on Earth at the time. Many of the fossils discovered so far have been found on land, sometimes hundreds of miles from the sea.
Some present-day marine creatures have changed very little from prehistoric times.
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