Earth Science - any of the sciences that deal with the earth or with one or more of its parts.
All sites submitted to this category should be geared toward children between the ages of 3-18.

No site is guaranteed placement in the Open Directory. Any site still under construction, submitted to multiple inappropriate categories, using multiple URLs for multiple submissions, or consisting primarily of affiliate links to products will be deleted.

This category is for webpages that are written for kids and teens from ages 3 to 18. No, commercial sites will be listed here. A biome is a general type of plant and animal community that is influenced by climate and soil conditions. Examples of the biomes are forests, grasslands, and deserts. Another definition of biome is a specific region that can recognized by a unique ecosystem, such as the Mojave desert or the Arctic tundra.
This category is for webpages that are written for kids and teens from ages 3 to 18. No, commercial sites will be listed here.

The biome category includes pages about major areas or bioregion types that include specific types of plants, animals and soil, such as forests, deserts, prairie, tundra, marine environments and wetlands. Biomes can also refer to a specific bioregion such as the Florida Everglades or the Black forest in Germany.

Please, submit sites about the loss of forests due to human activity, such as logging to the Deforestation category.

And, webpages about the loss of good farmland and other vegetation covered areas to desert in the Desertification category.

Any sites concerning endangered species should be submitted to the Endangered Species category.

Erosion is the displacement of solids such as soil, mud, rocks by wind, water, ice, gravity, or living organisms.
Sites listed here will be suitable for young people under 19 years of age, and will explain or illustrate the divisions of geological time.
For sites concerning hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, avalanches, floods, landslides, and other natural disasters.
Submit sites about the Earth''s tides.
Includes the development of life on earth up to the time of modern man, as well as changes on the Earth itself.

"Prehistory" is the period of history before writing was invented and records kept. The term was coined by Daniel Wilson in 1851. The study of prehistory is concerned with events and developments for which material evidence survives. Adapted from The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition

Sites listed here will be suitable for children under the age of 19, and will be concerned with prehistoric Earth, and/or life at that time.
Sites specifically about the study of prehistoric Earth should be submitted to Kids_and_Teens/School_Time/Social_Studies/Archaeology/ instead.
For sites concerning any of the features of the Earth's atmosphere, including the weather.