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Please submit sites about sea anemones here; see category description for a brief summary of these invertebrates.
This category lists pages and sites that tell about sea anemones, colorful invertebrates that live in oceans from tidepools to depths of 11,000 meters and from tropical regions to the polar regions.
Please submit your site once. Multiple submissions will be deleted, and only one URL will be reviewed. We do eventually review all received URLs, just be patient.
Crustaceans include barnacles, crabs, crayfish, and shrimp. This is of course an inexclusive list, so other species categorized as a crustacean will be accepted, and we will make a subcategory if needed.
Submit only pages that use clear, simple text suitable for children 13 and under to read with relative ease.

DO NOT submit sites that primarily sell books and/or other merchandise.

This category lists pages and sites about insects. All pages are suitable for children to use for school projects and/or personal enjoyment.
Submit your site to the single most appropriate category for review. Failure to do so will cause a delay in review.
This category lists pages and sites that tell about those squishy, spineless creatures known as jellyfish (even though they're neither "jelly" nor "fish"). Most commonly observed in coastal waters, jellyfish also inhabit some fresh water bodies. Within this jellyfish category, please submit a site about one particular species to the appropriate subcategory. If there is none, please suggest the creation of a category about your site in the ADD URL form.
Submit sites that deal with the many types of mollusks found today.
A soft bodied animal. Many mollusks have a hard outer shell, but some do not. Examples of a mollusk are clams, octopus, squid, shells, snails, and slugs.
Submit sites about the hard skinned animal shaped like a coin who lives on the sandy ocean floor.
A hard skinned animal shaped like a coin or flat disk. Provides a printout and facts about anatomy, diet, and predators.
Submit websites about the cylinder-shaped invertebrate known as the sea cucumber.
Elongated, leathery and muscular animals found in warm water to cold water trenches.
Submit sites about the spiny hard shelled animal that lives on the ocean floor.
A spiny hard shelled animal that lives on the ocean floor.
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