This category contains sites that feature activities for very young children about Space. Examples include coloring pages, stories, songs and games about planets, stars, asteroids and space travel.
This category is for sites aimed at a pre-school audience (typically children up to the age of 5, although there will naturally be some overlap with the 6-7 year age group).

Sites will often be visually based and of a type which pre-school children can use with a minimum of adult assistance. Sites which require reading skills or other kind of adult assistance may be appropriate here IF the pre-school child is still the intended audience, and if the site contains games, activities or information specifically for this age group.

Sites aimed at parents, teachers or care-givers are not appropriate and will not be listed here.

No site is guaranteed placement in the Open Directory. Any site still under construction, submitted to multiple inappropriate categories, using multiple URLs for multiple submissions, or designed primarily to market products or services will be deleted.